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Serenity Mystic

Tumbled Gemstones

Tumbled Gemstones

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I have eleven of the most beneficial (and popular) gemstones for you to care for and use in your daily abundant life. Gemstones have always been near and dear to me (I had a rock tumbler in the 70's) and I always knew they held a special light and power to them.

Each gemstone has it's own calling....things that it's made for. Gemstones increase positive energy in your aura and your home or surroundings you choose to place it (or them). I personally have never been without gemstones in my home...even if I only had one.

These tumbled gemstones are waiting to come home to you and help you with your desires, issues, dreams, conflicts, learning, opportunities, heartbreak, etc. I pick each one individually and before each one leaves my space it is cleansed and cleared. This process is important to me because it (the stone) needs to be a clear channel for you to use it and actually become it's owner. Here are the 11 gemstones and their metaphysical properties. Most of these gemstones I have available are also in a 8mm round bracelet. This listing is for (1) gemstone each.

Amethyst- spiritual awakening, enlightenment and awareness come from having this stone. Meditate with it, sleep with it under your pillow while asking questions before you go to sleep.

Black Obsidian- stone for protection and grounding. Place in openings to your home. Use while meditating to offer protection from negative entities. Carry at work or in public.

Carnelian- helps with healing sexual trauma, security, safety, mistrust of others. Place on the sacral area while lying down in meditation. Used to encourage confidence, trust and creativity.

Clear Quartz- this stone amplifies energy and other stones it may be around. Clarity, clearheaded, honesty.

Green Jade- the stone of pure luck, carry with you to casinos, put on top of lottery tickets, carry with you when you want to have that stroke of good luck and cheer.

Hematite- very strong grounding stone. Hold in your hand while barefoot to the Earth, use while meditating sitting on the ground. Contains iron which is also spiritually protective.

Lapiz lazuli- gives you the courage to speak your truth and be honest, clears the throat chakra for speaking to the divine. Helps with developing wisdom, intellect.

Labradorite- stimulates intuition and the "clairs", associated with the third eye and the crown chakras, provides aura healing and spiritual protection (by strengthening the aura)

Opalite- deepens spiritual communication, removes blockage from the chakras and meridians, helps boost psychic visions.

Tiger's Eye- associated with the solar plexus chakra, this stone will help empower you and help you to gain your inner strength

Unakite- known as the "Jesus stone", gives off a peaceful, you are truly loved vibration (I have one around at all times!), a balancing, grounding stone.

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