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Serenity Mystic

Selenite Sticks for Clearing Negative Energy

Selenite Sticks for Clearing Negative Energy

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Selenite, while functioning as an energetic healing tool, is, in the simplest terms, a transparent variety of gypsum. It’s comprised of the crystallization of the calcium sulphate mineral. Therefore, it cannot withstand being cleansed with water!

Selenite is known to be a healing and calming semi-stone and is used to open the crown chakra as well as being an awesome clearer of other stones. I have a stick of selenite resting on my tarot cards to keep the energy of them clear. Selenite should be placed anywhere you are trying to keep the energy clear and of a high vibration.

The selenite sticks are approx. 6 1/2" in length and 1" width, 1" height. This may vary slightly. The stick will be smudged with sage before shipping. (Listing for 1 stick)
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