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Serenity Mystic

Cord Cutting Herbal Bath Soak

Cord Cutting Herbal Bath Soak

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Introducing our transcendent Spiritual Cord Cutting Soak – a sacred blend crafted to help you liberate your spirit and release or cut the energetic ties that bind you. Immerse yourself in a soothing bath experience, where the waters of ancient wisdom and modern self-care converge for energy clearing.

Experience the Magic of Release: Picture yourself in a tranquil sanctuary, surrounded by the gentle sound of flowing water and the soft glow of candlelight. As you sink into the warm embrace of our Spiritual Cord Cutting Soak, let the weight of the world slip away. This remarkable blend has been meticulously crafted with ingredients that honor both tradition and innovation, providing you with a profound cleansing experience.

Key Ingredients:

  • Epsom and Dead Sea Salt: These two salts, revered for their ability to draw out toxins from the body, forms the foundation of this soak. It's not just about cleansing your physical body but also purifying your energy field.

  • Black Walnut Hulls, Sage and other Herbs: Our soak is infused with sacred sage and black walnut hulls along with other powerful herbal tools traditionally used for spiritual purification. As you soak, let their cleansing properties sweep through your soul, ridding you of negative energies.

The Ritual: Begin your sacred journey by filling your bath with warm water. As the tub fills, light a candle and set your intentions for the soak. Pour our Spiritual Cord Cutting Soak under running water, allowing the blend to dissolve and infuse the bath. Step into the water, close your eyes, and breathe in the harmonious scents that surround you. Visualize the cords and attachments you wish to release dissolving into the water, leaving you feeling lighter and free.


  • Release negative energy and attachments.
  • Find peace and clarity in moments of chaos.
  • Renew your sense of self and purpose.
  • Experience a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Why Choose Us: Our Spiritual Cord Cutting Soak is more than just a bath; it's a transformative experience designed to help you shed the past, renew your spirit, and step confidently into the future. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring that every soak is a truly magical experience.

Experience the liberation your soul craves. Order your Spiritual Cord Cutting Soak today and let the journey to freedom begin. Elevate your self-care routine to a higher plane of existence.

**Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you have a nut allergy. Black walnut may stain tubs, please clean with a bleach cleanser.**
For curio use only.
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