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Serenity Mystic

Adjustable Elastic Gemstone Bracelet

Adjustable Elastic Gemstone Bracelet

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These are elastic gemstone bracelets so therefore these are somewhat adjustable. 8 mm round beads. Each bracelet comes ***cleared and charged by a Reiki Master with intention***

Angelite- "angel" stone, calming, soothing, lessened anxiety, associated with the throat chakra

Black Obsidian- grounding, protective, associated with the root chakra

Dalmatian Jasper- balances yin and yang, playful, helps with depression, nightmares

Fluorite- detoxification, transmuting negative energy, clarity

Green Aventurine- inner peace, abundance, "lucky" stone, associated with the heart chakra

Green Jade- pure luck, friendship, protection

Goldstone- ambition, inspiration, power, calms, happiness (man made stone)

Hematite- grounding, protection, stability, associated with the root chakra

Indian Agate- strength, courage, protection, healing, good luck

Lapis Lazuli- wisdom, truth, healing, associated with the throat chakra, harmony, honesty

Mookaite- "mother Earth" stone, healing, lessen stress, energizing

Opalite- clears, removes energy blocks, peace, tranquility (man made stone)

Picture Jasper- home, grounding, connection to the Earth's ley lines, letting go

Red Jasper- focus, strength, grounding, associated with the root chakra, nurtures, sense of well-being

Rhodonite- compassion, emotional balance, stimulates and clears the heart, love stone

Rose Quartz- compassion, grace, healing emotional wounds, unconditional love, trust, harmony

Ruby Zoisite- strong spiritual stone, soul memory, anger release

Snowflake Obsidian- balances, purifies, ground body and aura, focus

Tiger's Eye- self esteem, power, associated with the solar plexus chakra, courage, focus, lessen anxiety

Turquoise- protective with body, aura field, strengthens meridian field, balances mood, reduce anger

Unakite- "jesus" stone, opens third eye, spiritually transformative, inner peace, calm

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